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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Coning Soon!! Cover Reveals and Blurbs of The 4th Ward Mysteries Series

Yellow? Sunglasses Stat!

Meet Aurora Cosme, a New Orleans resident and aura reader. After being hit by lightning and dying a few times she came back to life, changed. Aurora is light sensitive, she has the sight and she talks to ghosts. One happens to be her bestfriend Madame Laveau aka Lovie. Don’t ask how that friendship happened. She reads auras and tea-leaves in the parlor of her three story Victorian house in the 4th ward of New Orleans. But compared to the fact hat she could be in the great beyond by now, Aurora counted herself as lucky.

A young woman named Trista Crane stepped into her parlor and aura was as bright as her personality. Her story was she was about to die and Aurora couldn’t have that. In that yellow aura, she saw the outline of angel wings and took that as a sign that this young woman was meant for something more. It was time to don one of her designer sunglasses. To be able to look at Trista without going blind and to go outside it was necessary. She’d find away to help the young woman before that beautiful light was snuffed out.

Red Mood Rising

They are things in this word that could very rarely be understood.  Aurora was learning that quickly and New Orleans was one of them.  A scant few people knew what it really was and Aurora Cosme was one of them, but not by choice. After being hit by lightning as a teen she almost died twice and was forever changed. Seeing being light sensitive was one thing, seeing auras was another. Oh the ghosts who sometimes showed up for conversations that was an added bonus. One of the dead entities was quite famous and her best friends. Using her gifts she made a living and life was unusual but it was hers. Since she’d died she decided to live life to the fullest but when she woke up to a dead woman in her parlor. She might end up spending the rest of those precious days in jail. With the help of a few dead friends and her car Booker, Aurora has to clear her name. Especially with a very handsome yet skeptical FBI agent thinks she’s a quack and even if she’s innocent should be in a nut house.

Blue Voodoo Moon

Aurora Cosme seemed to fall into a trouble or attracted it like a magnet. Either way she was none to pleased when it kept showing up at her doorstep. Literally, trouble was on her doorstep when she woke up to get her paper.  It seemed a young man thought that her best ghost friend Madame Laveau aka Lovie, had cursed him and wanted her help. It was all well and good to dissuade him of said nonsense thinking until he turned up dead at the famous tomb of Lovie. 

But as in life she was misunderstood in death, so now Aurora had to find out who killed Jon Stone before the full moon. That was when Mr. Stone’s very rich parents planned to have a hired death dealer to exorcise Lovie to the great beyond permanently.  Very hard to do and while that worried Aurora, one didn’t get the voodoo queen mad. In death she had more power than life and God knows Aurora didn’t want to see her pissed off. It didn’t bode well for those who incurred her wrath. To defend her friend and save a historic city from Lovie’s anger. Aurora would have a major fight on her hand.

 Pieces of Green

When It was Mardi Gras season, Aurora Cosme hunkered down in her house like if a hurricane was on the horizon. She stocked up on food, stocked up on movies and stayed away from the chaos until the town emptied out and regained normalcy. So how was it that on St Patrick’s Day she ended up in the midst of another murder? Driving home a little person dressed like a leprechaun ran out in front of her car and died in the street. No because she hit him! Come on that’s not Aurora! He simply died in front of her car and when her friend Josie (alive not dead) asked her to help find out who killed her friend.  Aurora reluctantly agreed, vowing this was the last time.  Besides FBI agent Billy Garrett asked her for help. Obviously the sky had to be falling if the skeptical man was on her doorstep and wait flirting?

Sunday, February 8, 2015

My New Series are coming soon !! I hope you enjoy the series and below is the blurbs to temp you! 

Press Pass Mysteries 
Anonymous Source

Maggie Malloy loved her job, she was a reporter for the Sentinel in Boston with a eclectic sense of style. She always managed to get the scoop and her ace in the hole was her partner who could be only seen by her. That’s because she saw the dead and sometimes they tried to inhabit her body, not fun. But hey she’d learned long ago, to keep her secret a secret even from those who claimed to love her. He got her the info that others wished they had and craved her sources. Each time she one-upped them, yep life was good. Or so she thought until one of her informants turned up dead, in the back of her completely fifty-six Chevy. With her wheels a crime scene and driving her brother’s… ugh… Toyota. Maggie has to find out who killed her friend and framed her for the murder. It won’t be easy especially with Detective Nathan Hermes on her heels asking questions she didn’t want to answer.

By Line

Percy Holt was the most pompous dick reporter and worked for a rival newspaper. If he wasn’t asking her out on a date or trying to play grab ass with her or the some of the other women who worked at the Sentinel. He was bragging and with a ego the size of the Red Sox stadium, he thought he had a lot to talk about. Even so when he died it was still a shock and when comes to her to help solve his murder. Now Maggie had to deal with a ghost with the same personality traits as when he was alive. At least when he tried to grab his hands went straight through. With the grudging help of Detective Nathan Hermes only because she had information he could use. She was determined to solve Percy’s death before he figured out he could use her body like a puppet while was still learning how to control it. She could guarantee it wouldn’t be a good thing if he did.

Conflict of Interest

Maggie grew up being the odd daughter of Captain John Malloy of the Boston Fire Department. With a very strained relationship she tried to stay as far away from her family as possible. The arson story she was working on led to his name and accusations that could ruin his name and take his pension. Maggie has no other choice but to try and help the man who acted like if she didn’t exist after her mother died. Especially since her mother found her way back from the beyond to insist she do exactly that. Helping her father wasn’t going to well especially with all the emotions between them. He wouldn’t fight for his name or give her the answers she sought. It made her doubt the man even though her mother was sure of his innocence. Maggie was in a race to save his name and found comfort in the arms of Detective Nathan Hermes.  Her life became even more complicated when she woke up in his bed…Damn.