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Press Pass Mysteries (Heroine Maggie Malloy)

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Sunday, February 8, 2015

My New Series are coming soon !! I hope you enjoy the series and below is the blurbs to temp you! 

Press Pass Mysteries 
Anonymous Source

Maggie Malloy loved her job, she was a reporter for the Sentinel in Boston with a eclectic sense of style. She always managed to get the scoop and her ace in the hole was her partner who could be only seen by her. That’s because she saw the dead and sometimes they tried to inhabit her body, not fun. But hey she’d learned long ago, to keep her secret a secret even from those who claimed to love her. He got her the info that others wished they had and craved her sources. Each time she one-upped them, yep life was good. Or so she thought until one of her informants turned up dead, in the back of her completely fifty-six Chevy. With her wheels a crime scene and driving her brother’s… ugh… Toyota. Maggie has to find out who killed her friend and framed her for the murder. It won’t be easy especially with Detective Nathan Hermes on her heels asking questions she didn’t want to answer.

By Line

Percy Holt was the most pompous dick reporter and worked for a rival newspaper. If he wasn’t asking her out on a date or trying to play grab ass with her or the some of the other women who worked at the Sentinel. He was bragging and with a ego the size of the Red Sox stadium, he thought he had a lot to talk about. Even so when he died it was still a shock and when comes to her to help solve his murder. Now Maggie had to deal with a ghost with the same personality traits as when he was alive. At least when he tried to grab his hands went straight through. With the grudging help of Detective Nathan Hermes only because she had information he could use. She was determined to solve Percy’s death before he figured out he could use her body like a puppet while was still learning how to control it. She could guarantee it wouldn’t be a good thing if he did.

Conflict of Interest

Maggie grew up being the odd daughter of Captain John Malloy of the Boston Fire Department. With a very strained relationship she tried to stay as far away from her family as possible. The arson story she was working on led to his name and accusations that could ruin his name and take his pension. Maggie has no other choice but to try and help the man who acted like if she didn’t exist after her mother died. Especially since her mother found her way back from the beyond to insist she do exactly that. Helping her father wasn’t going to well especially with all the emotions between them. He wouldn’t fight for his name or give her the answers she sought. It made her doubt the man even though her mother was sure of his innocence. Maggie was in a race to save his name and found comfort in the arms of Detective Nathan Hermes.  Her life became even more complicated when she woke up in his bed…Damn.

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